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Equipment leasing is the perfect solution for cash-strapped businesses that want to add valuable equipment for an office, construction business, or retail outlet but can't afford the up-front costs. A lease allows you to spread your payments out over time and potentially own it at the end of term.

Why businesses lease equipment

Find out the various benefits equipment leasing offers businesses – as well as the potential downsides.

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Making lease

Depending on how you want to structure your lease, you could have multiple repayment options.

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Choosing an equipment leasing company

With our easy-to-follow advice for choosing a lessor, we can help make the decision a much easier one.

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Basically, you have two types of leases to choose from:

  1. Finance leases – Also known as a conditional sale lease, this option allows you to spread your payments out over time and then own the equipment outright after executing an inexpensive buyout at the end of term (usually one dollar.) With finance leases, you can't write off the payments on your taxes since you will eventually own the equipment.
  2. True leases – A true lease will not run for the life of the equipment. You can either end your agreement with the leasing company, or pay fair market value for the purchase. True leases feature lower payments and the ability to write off the payments on your taxes.

With either lease option, you typically need a solid credit rating, strong business acumen, and a long history of paying back debts on time.

Please note, our equipment leasing vendors cannot help you with personal equipment needs (such as items you can find at a Rent-A-Center®.) You may only submit requests for quotes for business equipment needs.

How can Business Finance Resource help you?
If you don't wish to enter a lease agreement, we can provide a few other options to get financing. With a business loan, you could borrow the money you need for initial expenses to start a business, finance day-to-day operations, or make a major equipment investment. Get a free quote for business loans today!

If you have outstanding client invoices and need the money immediately to grow your business, a factoring service, can collect those funds for a small fee. Let Business Finance Resource match you to multiple factors that will advance you immediate cash for your existing invoices!

When you're ready to start comparing prices for equipment leasing options, simply submit a free request for quote and dealers will contact you directly!

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